About Compound Marketing

For experienced online marketers, CompoundMarketingGroup.com is the place to learn and discuss specific ideas for how online marketing channels produce higher impact results when compounded together.

Thesaurus.com defines the verb “compound” as to “mix, combine, amalgamate, associate, blend, coalesce, connect, couple, fuse, intermingle, join, link, meld, synthesize, and unite”. When starting this blog, I couldn’t think of a better word to bring out the true sense of integrating multiple online marketing channels. Like a compound bow, the elements of online marketing can and must work together to produce a higher impact than they could individually.

Not a front for a company or product – the Compound Marketing blog content is created by real marketers for real marketers. Experts from industry vendors are allowed to participate in discussions but no selling allowed – ever.

The Compound Marketing blog is run by Blaine Mathieu, a recognized expert in integrated, multi-channel marketing and product development. Blaine is an accomplished consultant, speaker and panelist at numerous marketing and technology industry events and relevant webinars, and has held successful executive marketing positions in recognized high technology brands such as Gartner, Adobe, Corel, and Lyris.

This is Blaine’s second foray into the world of blogging. Back in 1998, Blaine started the killerstrategy.com blog site, “a wealth of ideas regarding kill strategy and marketing development for the Internet Economy.” Although the content is very dated now, it provides some insight into Blaine’s early thought processes regarding emerging online marketing and product strategies. An archived PDF version of the site is available here.

Follow the writings here if you are interested in saving time and money by staying on the cutting edge of online marketing practices without having to invent them yourself. Stay a step (or two) ahead of your competitors by discovering and uncovering the secrets of the emerging practice of Compound Marketing.

Also, be sure to follow tweets by Blaine Mathieu on the subject of Compound Marketing: http://twitter.com/compoundmktg.

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